Babylon is a healthcare startup that uses AI that has been designed around a doctor’s brain to provide accessible healthcare for millions in the palm of their hands.

A large number of Babylon’s products leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence, and there wasn’t enough computing power in-house to run a particular experiment. So Babylon had migrated its user-facing applications to a Kubernetes platform and the infrastructure team turned to Kubeflow, a toolkit for machine learning on Kubernetes. Instead of waiting hours or days to be able to compute, teams can get access instantaneously. Clinical validations used to take 10 hours…

Setting up Reverse Proxy and Load Balance with Haproxy using Ansible.

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A reverse proxy is a server that sits in front of web servers and forwards client (e.g. web browser) requests to web servers.

A reverse proxy operates by:

  • Receiving a user connection request
  • Completing a TCP three-way handshake, terminating the initial connection
  • Connecting with the origin server and forwarding the original request

Effect and Product of AI ( Artificial intelligence) in the field of Agriculture.

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Agriculture plays a very pivotal role in the global economy of the country. Due to the increase in population, there is constant pressure on the agricultural system to improve the productivity of the crops and to grow more crops.

AI and machine learning are changing how industries function, but agriculture is the sector where they have the most widespread impact. …

How to launch your first instance on AWS just from terminal…

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There are three ways to working/interacting with AWS services

  1. AWS Console
  2. AWS CLI (Command Line Interface)
  3. AWS SDKs

In this article, I am going to focus on AWS CLI and one of the reasons for working with CLI is that you get more flexibility in CLI compare to working on console, for example, you can launch multiple instances with different configuration in one go which isn’t possible in AWS console.

So… What will you learn in this blog?

  1. Install the AWS CLI on Debian based Linux Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

Disabling apps on phone is an easy task but it can be impossible when there is no disable feature for that app.

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You can disable an app on Android phone just by clicking on disable under the App info though it’s easy but sometime it can be impossible if there is no disable option, like this app( refer above image) on my android phone…You can’t click on the disable option and even can’t uninstall this.

Understanding What is Big Data and How they(FB, Google, Twitter)handle it.

Did you ever think what happens when you click that 👍 like button on Facebook or 🔍 search the date of your favorite festival on Google?

How to secure your computer(Windows OS) against bad things (virus and actor) and achieve privacy in the same.

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This is a part of the series How to stay safe/secure in Digital Life, you can check another blog also, to get a better understanding.

Whether you are a student or a working professional or just an individual who just loves computers, most of the time you spent on working or playing on computers and sometimes store sensitive information on that, so it’s your responsibility only to protect that data. There are the various basic and advanced methods to achieve this, Ya…

Securing your data on device and on transit between the network.

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This is fourth part of the series How to stay/safe secure in digital life.

Before getting started, let’s first understand what is Encryption and why it matters for you privacy and security.

Encryption is a technique in Computer World that is used for making your data ( SMS, Photos, files, etc. ) secure so that your or to whom is given access can only see that. …

This is a Privacy Practice guide for your Mobile device…(Part one)

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In the last blog ( Link ), I stress on the habits and practices when it comes to the internet and in general Online activities, but this is specific to Mobile Device (Android).

So when it comes to protecting your data on the mobile device, two words that come in my mind and that are Permission(What level of privilege particular app have and does it needs all that permission to serve you.) …

This is the privacy practice(PP) guide for your online activities…

Credit : Unplash

In the first part of this series ( Link ), I talked about Privacy/Security general, kind of both on Mobile as well as Computer machines to give you kind of overview and listed few tools to help you(in getting start).

But from this series, I’ll be specific about the technology that I am talking about i.e mobile devices, Computer machines, or your online activities.

There can be very different kinds of arguments when it comes to online privacy/safety and here is mine. For that take this example — “You are a kind of person who isn’t very open about their…

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